VoIP Features


Working as a part of a team

Employee stepped out the office? Rather than your customer reaching your voicemail, you can automatically transfer unanswered calls to another line, by designating a Hunt Group. 

Alternatively, Call Pick Up allows you to answer another group's member phone, or before heading out, the incoming call can be transferred to another internal or external number, using Call Transfer.

Conference Calling allows you to set up a conference with up to 15 different people all from remote locations. You may choose to use this to create incident bridges or similar instant conference groups for your company. The conference group can be started by any user calling the conference number, which will then trigger calls to other group members.


Working efficiently 

Staying on top of voicemails has never been so easy with Voicemail to Email. With this feature, voicemails you receive will be sent directly to your inbox, eliminating the need for you to check your inbox, and ensuring you can easily keep a communications record.

Multiple offices? Whether you're spread across different locations, or just heading into another room to prepare a presentation, Hot Desking allows you to log into any phone on your system, and have your user profile and settings populated onto that device. 

Administrators and end users on the Online Management Portal can add contacts to their Corporate Directory, which in turn, transfers the numbers to the directory that can be accessed via the handset.

Busy Lamp allows you to monitor other users to see if they are available or on a call (this feature is only available to a phone that supports it). When implemented, the phone will show the user’s caller id on the pre-defined line keys on your device. This line key can also be used as a speed dial to contact your colleague’s number quickly when transferring a call or when needing to speak to them directly!


Improving your company image

Android/iOS Soft Client allow you to make and receive calls using the Horizon IP telephone service from your iOS/Android device. This means your customers, colleagues and suppliers will see your office number even if you’re working remotely or from different locations where it is not practical to install a handset. Allowing you to display a consistent and professional image, wherever you are.

Call Waiting ensures you’re ready to take your next call, while Auto Attendant eliminates the need to hire a full-time receptionist as greetings can be tailored to suit your business needs and budget. Wishing to go further? Auto Attendant can be reconfigured during particular offers, seasons or holidays.

Music on Hold can enhance your corporate image and provide a professional first impression to prospects. Your ‘On Hold’ time can be used for new revenue opportunities, from cross-marketing to advertising new services.


Mobile and flexible working 

At a time where flexibility is paramount, Call Forwarding allows you to forward calls from your landline to your smartphone. Ensuring absent employees won't equate to missed calls, and you can head to your next business meeting without needing to man the desk.

With the PC Soft Client you can make and receive calls using the Horizon IP telephone service from your PC desktop/laptop device. Key features include the ability to personalise your profile, initiate instant messaging and conferences, customise your settings and more. You can also check your voicemail and take action from the portal.