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BlackBerry seeks “strategic alternatives” – who is set to pounce?

On the 12th August 2013 the board of directors at BlackBerry announced they have formed a special committee to “explore strategic alternatives to enhance value and increase scale in order to accelerate BlackBerry 10 deployment. These alternatives could include, among others, possible joint ventures, strategic partnerships or alliances, a sale of the Company or other possible transactions”

Two phrases stick out for me on this one “possible joint venture” & “sale of the Company”

I would be surprised to see a joint venture with another mobile player or OS provider at this stage, the tight tie up between Nokia and Microsoft is slowly increasing sales numbers of the Nokia Lumia range, but there aren’t many other cases of it happening and my gut feel is that BlackBerry need something to move quickly for them.

So are they ripe for a “sale of the Company” to another manufacturer? I can’t think who would have the cash and the incentive to do so, apple have their ways of working, they certainly have the cash but the desire?

Samsung are nearing, according to figures we have seen, a domination of the smartphone market, so you would have to ask if they need BlackBerry to continue on this road.

So what about a network? There have been rumours in the past of Vodafone interest, but they have recently sunk an enormous amount of cash into the purchase of Cable & Wireless as they pursue their plan of being the number 1 choice for unified communications and not just a mobile telecommunications company.

All we can say is that the official statement is out there, at the time of writing shares have been suspended from trading, so moves may well be in place.

Regardless of what happens in my non-important opinion, a healthy, competitive BlackBerry are an important component of the telecommunications sector. Many of our customers still favour the security of BlackBerry and it’s proven ability to fire through emails on the move. Add to that, BB10 is such a leap forward in operating system from BB7 that I want to see them keep fighting back in the smartphone wars.

Good luck BlackBerry.

Vodafone prepare 4G network for launch on 29th August

Vodafone announced the 29th August 2013 will see the launch of their UK 4G network in London.

Unsurprisingly this is the same day as the launch of the O2 4G network, but I guess after seeing EE given special permission to launch their network a year earlier they were not particularly keen to see any of their other rivals steal a march on them.

The network will go live in central London on the 29th August with at least a further 10 cities planned for launch before the end of the calendar year, this will leave Vodafone customers in Surrey and Hampshire waiting a little longer for the new superfast service but it gives us a good opportunity to evaluate its impact on cell sites and therefore signal coverage.

It is important to assess this point first as there are many reports of Orange and T-Mobile customers suffering widespread problems with signal coverage since the launch of the EE 4G network. I wouldn’t want any of our customers experiencing the same unnecessarily.

Let’s look at the positives of 4G:

The speeds achievable are far in excess of current 3G speeds, what does this mean for business? Here are two examples.

1) More productive mobile working as staff can download and access hosted solutions and files much faster

2) A genuine, flexible emergency broadband service for your office if the fixed line system fails.

Get in touch with us to plan how your business can benefit from the 4G network.

Full speed ahead for 4G – well not quite, but better than it was.

The news from the government that discussions with Vodafone and O2 are in flow regarding the roll out of the 4G spectrum is refreshing, I feared a nasty legal battle with restrictions going in place instructed by European courts to prevent any 4G service in the UK until it was an equal playing field.

It would seem that the majority of us may see the faster speeds that 4G is capable of  much sooner than we first expected with the summer of 2013 being touted as a popular timeframe for UK wide availability.

To check out the speeds it is capable of have a look at this video courtesy of the tech team at The Daily Telegraph http://www.telegraph.co.uk/technology/apple/9582448/4G-vs-3G-mobile-networks-go-head-to-head-in-iPhone-5-speed-test.html

The other great news is that the 4G spectrum auction is set to raise £2-£4 billion for the exchequer, oh hang, who is in control of that??


Vodafone roaming charges – essential reading for ALL Vodafone business customers

As you are probably aware, many of the UK mobile networks are making changes to the way you are charged for using your mobile phone or smartphone abroad.

In truth their hand has been forced by the EU to reduce what they charge customers for using a foreign network and there are some excellent “bundles” to allow us to use our phones abroad without the need to meet with our mortgage advisor before we leave, Vodafone have their daily data traveller providing a user with 25MB data access per day for £2 per day including VAT and O2 have also introduced something very similar for EU travellers.

But if you think these concessions are available to you purely because you are a Vodafone business customer and have been for years then check again.

The “bundles” are only available to those on the latest generation tariffs, so all you people on Business Choice, Total Business or an even older Vodafone account, please be careful if you are planning a trip abroad.

If you are a Callmaster Mobile customer you can expect your account manager to be in contact very shortly.

If you are not one of our customers but you are concerned about this then feel free to contact us on 01252 854352 or by emailing mobile@callmastermobile.co.uk

Supporting Farnham Rugby Club by sponsoring Sportsman’s Lunch 2012 – A reminder.

With just over a month to go until the team at Callmaster Mobile dine with Willie John McBride and other Farnham royalty we thought we should remind you all why we are supporting the club and why you could too.

Cast your mind back to early morning, Sunday 23rd November 2003.

There are 82,957 people crammed into the Telstra Stadium in Syndey, Australia.

There are millions more, myself included, staring at TV screens in pubs, bars and homes around the world.

The 2003 Rugby World Cup final between England and Australia is heading to extra-time with only 26 seconds left on the clock.

As a stunned audience hold their breath, the oval ball leaves the right boot of England’s Jonny Wilkinson and heads straight between the gleaming white posts.

In the most dramatic of circumstances, the Rugby World Cup is won.

And a nation rejoices.

Across all sports we dream of these moments, of the ultimate victory, to be crowned the best in the world. However these moments are not possible without hard work, determination and excellent coaching from day one.

So if you enjoyed that moment in 2003 like I did then you also owe a small debt of gratitude to Farnham Rugby Club who helped nurture and coach the prodigious talents of Jonny Wilkinson on the fields at Wrecclesham.

At Callmaster Mobile we are trying to pay them back for what they have given us.

Many of you local to Farnham will probably know that the construction of their new facilities on Monkton Lane is already underway and this has only been possible due to the generosity and support of players, parents, friends, sponsors, and many others. For our part we have launched a scheme for anyone affiliated to the rugby club where, if you connect a mobile phone with Vodafone, through Callmaster Mobile, we will pay 5% of your monthly bill into the coffers of the club, every year for as long as you stay connected through us.

If you would like to support this great club in this way, after all it is a bill you are probably already paying so why not get some of that money redirected, then please get in touch with us and mention Farnham Rugby Club.

We are also sponsoring the annual Sportsman’s Lunch event on Friday 13th April 2012, we would love to hear from anyone who is also attending.

The speaker is Willie John McBride, who famously captained the most successful British & Irish Lions side ever on the tour of South Africa in 1974. At over 6ft 3inches tall and 220lb in his prime I hope that he is looking forward to the Callmaster Mobile arm wrestling challenge on the day 🙂