Super smart email, calendar and contacts

Instant, rich communication wherever you are

Exceptional convenience and access

Work from anywhere

Access your emails, docs, calendars, files, on any device (even other people’s), anywhere there’s an internet connection. Office Web Apps are designed to provide you with a similar experience to the desktop Office applications, for complete ease of use, so all you need is a web browser. 


Share your screen and provide remote control, allowing your colleague or customer to see exactly what you’re looking at on your desktop and make changes where necessary if you wish. Whether you're conducting a live product demo or collaborating on a project, sharing is smarter with Office 365. You easily protect critical business information by controlling who can unlock, read and share documents and information.

Meetings made easy

Cut down travel time and conference billing. Office 365 includes Lync Online, a unified comms toolkit – that allows you to take advantage of instant messaging, audio and video calls, document sharing and more, all run from your desktop, with people both inside and outside of your organisation.