IT Support & Services



Critical network monitoring

You’ll receive essential insight into all aspects of your network connected devices such as servers; hypervisors; routers; switches and firewalls; reporting on aspects such as CPU disk, memory and network bandwidth utilisation. Better yet, monitoring takes place in real-time. This means any problems will be spotted as soon as they occur.

Server installation 

A typical server should last 3-5 years before the software and hardware become out of date and it requires replacing. You can never tell, however, when your server may inexplicably decide to stop working. Alongside strategic sever projects, Net Technical Solutions also caters for emergency remedial installations when required. Following the ‘consult-design-install’ process, server solutions are designed to fit your company’s needs.

Networking solutions

Whether you’re installing a brand new network, expanding an existing setup or replacing old/faulty equipment, an array of IT solutions can be provided to meet your needs. Net technical solutions can provide network peripherals such as routers, switches, firewalls, wireless access points, UPS, NAS devices etc. to fit all requirements and budgets.