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5 Reasons Why Your Business Should Be Using MDM

5 Reasons Why Your Business Should Be Using MDM

Mobile Device Management also known as MDM is the solution that gives you high-level control and security of all the mobile devices entering your organisation, irrelevant of whether they are company devices or part of a BYOD programme.

1)  Introduce and enforce your Company’s very own telecoms policy – with minimal effort.

MDM allows you to set real-time compliance rules with automated actions. For example, you could prevent jail-broken or rooted devices from entering your company network, lock down SIM changes, enforce minimum OS versions, and even lock, block and wipe rule-breaking devices. You can also enforce policies based on your company’s personal roaming or data usage limits. With this system in place, you can ensure that your company devices will be used correctly, and you can rest assured that the correct actions will be taken without the need for constant, manual monitoring.

2)  Create virtual barriers with geo-fencing rules

5 Reasons Why Your Business Should Be Using MDMGeo-fencing is a tool that allows you to define geographical boundaries. These boundaries form virtual barriers that trigger when one of your company devices enters or exits the chosen area. For example, you could choose to be notified if a company-owned iPad leaves your grounds. With this notification, you’ll have the knowledge, and choice, about whether or not to disable the device.

Or you could restrict certain apps, such as games, when an employee is at your business location during working hours. When it’s lunch hours, the block could be automatically removed. A further example is blocking device cameras. Cameras can actually be automatically turned off at sensitive work locations, ensuring high-level security and privacy. With geo-fencing, the possibilities are vast, and offer you a high-level of control, customised to your business needs.

3)  Locate and manage lost or stolen devices, in an instance

Shamefully, smartphones are stolen in London every 5 minutes. Worse yet, half of all street crimes involve smartphone theft.  MDM gives you added security and a back-up plan if a device in your fleet is lost or stolen. With the ability to remotely locate and lock a lost device, you can buy yourself time to find it, and ensure it stays safe. You can also remotely wipe a device, to ensure company data is protected when a corporate device is missing.

4) Manage all of your corporate applications and documents in one central system

With MDM, you can advertise, distribute and update applications; to all of your users, a select group, or just the one device, all from a quick and easy central system. And with secure document sharing, you can build-in security to prevent your corporate data getting into the wrong hands. You can also receive visibility on who has downloaded the document, specify password protection, expiry dates, restrict sharing, and more. With MDM, you can significantly reduce the risks of data leaks, and rest assured that your company files are secure.

5)  Receive a premium level of service from our team

We can assist and help your business manage and deploy the MDM solution that is right for you. On a variety of devices, such as iPhones, iPads, Androids, Kindle Fire devices, Windows Phones, and BlackBerry Devices. Better yet, our solution will integrate with your existing IT infrastructure. Working seamlessly with Exchange ActiveSync, Lotus Notes Traveller, TouchDown and more. Saving you additional infrastructure or personnel costs.

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If you would like high-level control of your corporate devices and added security, please do not hesitate to pick up the phone, send a email, fill out a contact form or even write a letter. We’re more than happy to give you more information on our MDM solution and answer any questions you may have.

You can also visit our MDM page for more information.

What is M2M?

What is M2M?

Introducing ‘Machine to Machine’ technology 

M2M is an exchange of data between a connected device and a central system that monitors or controls that device. It allows machines to communicate directly with each other to convey information, for example – a smart refrigerator could automatically order groceries from Tesco’s once it’s inventory is depleted.

Did you know?

  • M2M is also known as the ‘internet of things‘,
  • Connectivity options for M2M include cellular, WiFi, Bluetooth, ZigBee, network cables and more,
  • M2M is a green technology because so many of it’s solutions reduce energy consumption significantly,
  • M2M can be applied to many new types of products and will drive many of the future most-wanted applications in the consumer space,

But most importantly, M2M is fast becoming a must-have technology for many businesses that want to remain competitive.

How can M2M help your business?

With M2M you can take advantage of real-time data, remote monitoring and analytics. For example, receive information on:

✓ How a remote asset in your business is performing, even down to the detail of it’s temperature and minimise the need for routine maintenance visits. But better yet, catch problems before they could affect your customers.

✓ Where something is, allowing you to recover lost assets and prevent thefts.

Overall, M2M can help you increase profitably, launch new products and services, improve your customer relations and allow your business to become more agile and responsive.

Callmaster Mobile will soon be offering M2M technology via dedicated sims that will connect over mobile networks. To find out more, please contact your account manager or check the blog for updates.

Why keeping up to date with technology is absolutely vital for your businesse’s success

Why keeping up to date with technology is essential for your business’s success

Virtual communication has become the norm and is rapidly growing

According to the Radicati Group, a technology market research firm, the total number of worldwide email accounts is expected to increase from nearly 3.9 billion accounts in 2013 to over 4.9 billion accounts by the end of 2017. In fact over 100 billion emails sent and received per day in 2013 were business emails and this trend is expected to continue with business emails predicted to account for over 132 billion emails sent and received per day by the end of 2017. Furthermore,

“91% of people sleep within arms reach of their mobile device”

The continual growth in popularity of virtual communication highlights just how essential keeping up with the latest tech is for your business. Customers, prospects, employees, suppliers and all other stakeholders expect communication lines that are fully up to date and accessible. Your email, phone systems, video usage and methods of delivering written content need to be up to scratch to satisfy the modern user. Or else you risk your business drifting towards the competition that have stayed relevant and implemented an effective communication strategy.

Technology holds the key to your business’s productivity

More so, technology has provided business’s with new ways to stay more productive than ever. ‘Cloud computing’ for example allows you to work from anywhere – access your emails, docs, calendars, files, on any device (even other people’s), anywhere there’s an internet connection – all you need is a web browser. You can keep your business functioning with complete flexibility – whether that’s from home, the office, your holiday or during the commute. Staying connected is now easier than ever. Ensure you get back to that important prospect on time, never miss a call from your supplier or fail to open that email from your employee.

Cut your fixed costs, increase your profitability

Cloud computing also offers the opportunity to cut expenses such as travel costs and conference billings, thanks to the revelations of instant messaging, audio and video calls, and document sharing all from your desktop. While the internet has opened up the opportunity to access global markets and low-cost ways of professionalising image, boosting efficiency and serving customers more easily.

Not taking advantage of modern technology may just be the new definition of insanity as it has become vital for communication, productivity, flexibility, profitability, competitive relevance and thus your business’s success. We now support over 500 business customers with their mobile telecommunications and unified communication solutions, get in touch today or find out more about our mobile communications and office communications.

Or view our recommended solutions now:

The Top 5 Ways to Break an iPhone polled 1,486 UK adults who have all broken, dented, or scratched an iPhone handset. They found:

The average broken iPhone is destroyed or damaged just 10 weeks after purchase – and under 6 weeks for an iPhone 4 or 5.

And when they’re not being broken, it seems they’re being stolen. With a recent report from the Home Office estimating more than 700,000 handsets were stolen just last year.

So what are the top 5 ways to break your iPhone?

1. Dropped on a hard surface (43%)

2. Fallen into water (toilet, sink, bath, etc) (35%)

3. Stood or sat on accidentally (32%)

4. Left on roof of car (12%)

5. Broken by child (10%)

These figures truly do highlight why we recommend mobile insurance to all our mobiles customers – (alongside the hefty costs for mobile repairs).

The insurance cover we offer protects you from accidental damage, theft, accidental loss and covers any electrical or mechanical breakdown that occurs outside of the manufacturer’s guarantee period.

Why? Because we’re here to keep you connected.

World Cup Kicks Off Mobile Data Costs

The World Cup digital audience has doubled. In fact, Akamai, an Internet content delivery network, says it is expecting to handle up to 2.5 million live content streams at any one time across its network. This compares to 1.6 million during the 2010 World Cup – and that’s just one network. The World Cup fever is set to drive data bills through the roof.

As your football fanatic employees take in the highlights and even full matches via their business mobiles, your company should get ready for the bill shock at month end. Increasing roaming charges for holidays are one concern, but the World Cup could take this summer’s charges to a whole new level.

What Can You Do?

We partner with Wandera to bring you their Mobile Data Gateway, the solution that sits between your employee devices and the internet.

Bringing you huge benefits:

  • Cap usage at specified thresholds
  • Block access to data-demanding and unproductive sites and apps
  • Compress data, saving up to 30%
  • Automatic roaming detection
  • Transparent end-user experience
  • Save up to 60% of data with capping, blocking, and compression

Special Offer – Limited Time Only:

We are offering a 2 Month Contract for the Wandera Mobile Data Gateway View and Extend Bundle, instead of the standard 12 Months, so you won’t have to take a beating from data charges, and feel like this when you receive your bill…

World Cup Data Costs

To take advantage, sign up before the 13th of July 2014.

Terms and Conditions Apply. Minimum 10 Devices.

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