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O2 reveals World’s first wearable tech nail

O2 reveals World’s first wearable tech nail

Mobile giant O2 has partnered with inventor Sean Miles and beauty brand Nails Inc to create the world’s first wearable tech nail. The new nail extension features an embedded miniature Bluetooth chip that can be paired with your smartphone. With the press of a button, you’ll be able to answer a call, play a song or redial the last dialled number. The Mobile Nail will be customisable with various nail art designs available with a range of manicures exclusively designed by Nails Inc.

O2 nail bluetooth

According to O2’s survey results, consumers are looking forward to body augments with 66% believing advances in technology will make life easier and 56% looking forward to augmenting and adapting their bodies, including implantation. The prototype trial took place at the Nails Inc bar in Harvey Nichols, London, up until the 24th of December 2017, however it’s unclear when the new technology will be officially released on the market.


3 months free dining card for O2 customers

3 months free dining card for O2 customers

The network giant O2 has teamed up with Gourmet Society to offer you a three months free dining card across 7,000 restaurants nationwide. This means you’ll receive unlimited access to discounts including 25% of your total bill (including drinks), 50% off your food or 2-for-1 meals for absolutely nothing.

FREE for 3 months for O2 customers

Better yet, the Gourmet on the go app will allow you to access your digital membership card, search restaurant locations and track your savings. To access the offer, you’ll need to be signed up to O2 priority. Not registered? Simply enter your mobile number on O2’s priority site and you’ll receive an activation code to get started.


Any t’s & c’s?

This priority benefit is for new Gourmet society customers only and cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer, promotion or voucher when you attend a restaurant, set menus are also excluded.

Warning: Vodafone/O2 Phishing Emails

Warning: Vodafone/O2 Phishing Emails 

Across the UK, Vodafone and O2 customers have been receiving various phishing emails. Phishing emails are types of emails usually sent by hackers who impersonate organisations in order to acquire your personal information or to spread a virus to your device.

Below is an example of a Vodafone phishing email:

Fraudsters are targeting customers of Vodafone, and non-customers

Below is an example of an O2 phishing email:

People have been receiving this fake email, pretending to be from O2

Both emails are clearly designed by malicious hackers to panic recipients into clicking the link to see how they’ve run up such a large bill.

How can you identify a phishing email? 

We always recommend that you check the sender of the email. For example, this email above is from “Vodafone 0nline [” which is NOT a legitimate Vodafone email. Typically, a Vodafone email will always end with the domain  or such as While the official O2 weblink for checking your bill is

Further warning signs include poor spelling, a strange address which is unusually long and full of special characters, letters and numbers, such as ‘1xxhshf3843334ghh’.

You can also hover your mouse over the link to see the address:


What to do if you receive a phishing email

We strongly advise that any suspicious emails you receive are deleted immediately, and any links are not opened. If you have clicked on any links, please conduct a virus scan on your device.

We have reported this email to safeguard our customers and are here for you to get in touch if you receive an email of this nature or have any questions. You can do so via email: or phone 01252 854352. We are always more than happy to help.

O2 launches app-less WiFi & 4G calling

O2 launches app-less WiFi & 4G calling

Previously, O2’s app ‘TU GO’ allowed you to text, call and check your voicemail over WiFi, irrelevant of whether or not you have a mobile signal. Now with O2’s new launch, WiFi and 4G calling will be automatic (where available) once you’re set up – no app needed.

The combination means you’ll be able to move uninterrupted between WiFi and 4G coverage to continue your call, while being able to check your email or browse the internet simultaneously. Giving you the benefit of fewer dropped calls and better indoor coverage, including the London Underground.

Image result for O2 wifi calling

Cost & Availability – Update 28/06/17

O2 WiFi & 4G calling was limited to the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus but is now available for customers with the Sony XZ Premium or Samsung Galaxy S7 on Pay Monthly, SIM only and Business Tariffs, however more devices will be coming very soon. Any calls made over 4G or WiFi will be included in your usual tariff allowance, while out-of-tariff calls will be charged at your standard rate. For more information please do not hesitate to contact your account manager on 01252 854352 or

O2 unveils new virtual reality experiences

O2 unveils new virtual reality experiences

O2 is set to launch three new VR experiences across 90 of it’s stores nationwide, as well as at Twickenham on matchdays and at The O2 later this year. The first VR experience will mark the first time O2 Academy venue’s have given 360 degree ‘behind the scenes’ access. You’ll be able to virtually transport yourself to an O2 Academy venue and experience a pre-performance, as either a fan or member of the band. Can’t decide? Throughout the experience, you’ll be able to swap between the perspectives of the band members on stage or as a member of the audience.

“Through a combination of world first CGI characters and unique interactive gameplay, each experience has been designed to give the user unprecedented access to O2 Academy venues, The O2 and our relationship with the England Rugby team.” – Gareth Griffiths, O2 Head of sponsorship.

The second VR experience will allow you to immerse yourself in the world of England Rugby and compete against CGI characters. The interactive experience uses Xsense motion capture to provide in-game player movement, taking cues from England Rugby players’ weight, mass and average speeds to ensure their character’s movements are as realistic as possible.

Finally, the third experience will allow you to experience some of the biggest moments at the London O2 arena. The experiences will be available for download later this year on compatible VR headsets including the HTC Vive, Oculus Rift and Samsung Gear VR.

O2 Doubles Data Offer for Customers heading to Brazil this summer

O2 Doubles Data Offer for Customers heading to Brazil this summer

O2 has doubled their Worldwide Bolt-On Data Allowance in time for the 2016 Olympics in Rio.  You’ll get twice as much data to check emails, download documents and browse the internet, without having to rely on your hotel’s Wi-Fi.

O2 Doubles Data Offer for Customers heading to Brazil this summer

O2 offers two options to suit a quick trip or an extended stay:

  • Worldwide 24 hour data Bolt On
    – £7.50 for 200MB (was 100MB) for up to 24 hours.
  • Worldwide data Bolt On
    – £99 for 2GB (was 1GB) for up to 30 days

The offer will be valid until the 31st August 2016, allowing you to eliminate bill shock when travelling to Brazil this year and share every success at the Olympics worry free. For tricks on how to keep your roaming data usage down follow our quick tips for reducing mobile costs abroad.

To add a Bolt On to your O2 account or for any questions or further advice on roaming please feel free to contact your account manager on 01252 854352 or email, we are always more than happy to help.