O2 Fraudulent SMS

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What’s happening? On 15th August O2 identified a number of customers who received a “smishing” text message purporting to be from O2. The messages suggests the customer is required to update their PAC code. There’s a website in the message that redirects the customer to a fake O2 website. O2 did not send these fraudulent messages, but these websites are very convincing and look like […]


5 common iPhone issues and how to fix them

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1 iPhone battery won’t chargeAfter a failed charge, we recommend you ensure your USB power adaptor is plugged in all the way and your power outlet is working. If this still fails, try a different USB cable, USB power adaptor or USB port. Thirdly, unplug your iPhone and check the connector port, ensuring it is free from any debris – (you can do so with […]


Vodafone 5G live in 55 cities and towns across Europe

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The network giant, Vodafone, has launched 5G in 55 towns and cities across four countries – Germany, Italy, Spain and the UK – just in time for your trip away this summer. Better yet, Vodafone pay-monthly consumer and business customers can take advantage of 5G at no additional cost. This means faster and more reliable speeds, up to ten times faster than 4G – whether you’re […]


Samsung Galaxy Fold ready for re-launch in September

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Following technical delays, the South Korean manufacturing giant, Samsung, has announced the re-launch of the Galaxy Fold. The new device was initially claimed to withstand hundreds of thousands of folds, yet received reports of breaks, bulges and blinking screens. Galaxy Fold refined Following a recall of the devices, Samsung has undertaken rigorous testing and finalised improvements. The top layer of the 4.6″ Infinity Flex Display has received added protection and strength, […]

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Government pledged to spend £40m to enhance 5G in the UK

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The government has announced it will be investing £40 million in 5G testbeds in a bid to enhance 5G in the UK. 5G is expected to dramatically out-do the performance of the current 3G and 4G networks. Capable of delivering extremely fast data with estimates between 10 – 50 Gbit/s compared with today’s average 4G download speed of 15 Mbit/s.The use of a very high frequency spectrum, […]

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The small business guide to cloud computing

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Cloud computing transforms traditional ways of thinking about IT resources, as computing services are delivered over the Internet or “the cloud”. This means your business can significantly reduce expenses by eliminating the costs associated with hardware, IT experts and the set up and running of on-site data centres. Crucially, your business can take advantage of built-in continuity features, ensuring your business will not be disrupted by […]