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6 months Amazon Prime Video & MTV Play subscription for EE customers on pay monthly, 12-month SIM only or tablet plans

Signed up to an EE pay monthly, 12-month SIM only or tablet plan? You can now take advantage of a six month Amazon Prime Video & MTV Play subscription, that won’t eat into your data allowance. The new content offer provides inclusive mobile data and comes in addition to EE’s existing Apple Music and BT Sport offers, totalling to savings of up to £164 across the four platforms.

“It’s our ambition to offer our customers unrivalled choice, with the best content, smartest devices, and the latest technology through working with the world’s best content providers…So, if they want music on a Monday, telly on a Tuesday, films on a Friday or sport on a Saturday, we’ve got something for them.” – Marc Allera, CEO of BT’s Consumer division.

Amazon Prime Video – What you need to know

Amazon Prime Video provides access to a range of box sets, films, original TV shows, documentaries and exclusives. Prime Originals include award winning titles The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel and The Man in the High Castle and Prime exclusives like Vikings. Better yet, you’ll be able to take advantage of the offer anywhere your plan allows for inclusive roaming – this includes all EU countries for standard tariffs and the USA, Canada, Mexico, Australia and New Zealand for Max plan users who upgraded or joined after the 10th of May 2017. Although streaming on Prime Video during the six month offer period will not affect your data allowance, it’s worth noting that the content available on the app often differs between countries due to entertainment rights agreements.

After the offer ends, a Prime Video subscription costs £5.99 a month and will be added to your EE phone bill if you do not cancel (EE will send you an SMS to remind you in the final month of the offer). You can also cancel a Prime Video subscription at any time by texting STOP PRIME VIDEO to 150. Existing Amazon Prime Video subscription? To take advantage of the offer you’ll need to cancel your existing account directly with Amazon, unless you intend to register for an additional account using a secondary email address. For general Amazon Prime subscribers, Prime Video is already included within your membership but you are eligible for this offer as an additional subscription, again however, you must register using a secondary email address to do so (This will not replace your existing subscription with Amazon).

The lowdown on MTV Play

MTV Play is a relatively new app that lets you access a vast array of MTV’s reality content on your mobile or tablet, including hundreds of hours of catch-up and box-sets in addition to a live feed of the MTV UK linear TV channel and short form digital original series. Popular titles available in the MTV Play app include the latest episodes of smash-hit series Geordie Shore, Teen Mom UK and The Charlotte Show in addition to The Hills, Catfish and Jersey Shore. Following  your six-month trial, you will be given the option pay for the app on your monthly mobile bill, costing £3.99 per month.

MTV Play

If you have an existing MTV Play subscription but would like to take advantage of the offer, you’ll need to suspend your existing direct payments to MTV Play via your MTV Play account, then text MTV to 150 to activate EE’s offer. Data you use over the six-month offer on MTV play will be included anywhere your plan provides inclusive roaming. This means you’ll be able to watch the MTV Play app in all EU countries and, if you have an EE Max plan, the USA, Canada, Mexico, Australia and New Zealand. Outside of inclusive countries, you’ll need to purchase a roaming pass to access MTV play abroad. You can cancel your MTV Play subscription with EE at any time by texting STOP MTV to 150.

How to activate and/or cancel

Firstly, you’ll need to be signed up to a pay monthly handset and/or tablet contract or a 12-month SIM only mobile price plan. Compatible tariff? To get started, simply text ‘Prime Video‘ or ‘MTV‘ to 150 and EE will take you through the process (including how to redeem and download the apps). EE will send you an SMS when you’re in your final month of the offer to let you know you’ll be moving onto a paid subscription in the following month, added to your EE bill, if you do not cancel. If you choose to stay with the subscription, any data used will now come out of your allowance.

Motorola rumoured to join the rise of fold-able tech with the ‘Razr V4’

Nostalgic about your first flip phone? Once the notorious producer of the classic Razr, Motorola is rumoured to be re-inventing the range to introduce a fold-able addition. Just as Samsung and Royole have show-cased their fold-able devices this year, Motorola is rumoured to introduce the Razr V4. This means you’ll be able to watch movies, play games, complete your presentations and more, on a far larger display than ever before on a smartphone device, while being able to fold away for optimum convenience.

Motorola Razr

Left to Right: Motorola Razr, Yanko Design concept of Razr V4

In contrast to the Samsung Galaxy Fold that opens and closes like a book, the Razr V4 is speculated to feature a clam-shell design to which a fold-able OLED display is embedded. Rumours suggest the new device will incorporate a fingerprint sensor and dual cameras, while folding down to just 7.5mm! The Razr resembles the iconic flip design of the original handset, including the secondary screen on the outside of the casing for a quick time check and convenient notifications.

Motorola Patent Design acquired in December 2018 – WIPO Global Design Database

Rumoured specs continue to impress with suggestions that Motorola will employ the Qualcomm Snapdragon 710 system-on-a-chip coupled with 4GB of RAM and 64GB of storage, alongside a second version offering 6GB of RAM and 128GB of storage. It’s likely the Razr V4 will be released by May in order to keep up with competitors. Check back at the CMM Blog for updates.

Apple rumoured to launch AR Glasses by 2020

Rumour has it, Apple will be revealing their all-new Augmented Reality (AR) glasses at the end of this year, with the wearable hitting the shelves in 2020. Apple’s AR glasses will work alongside the Apple iPhone, allowing you to view digital items on top of your real-world surroundings. It’s perhaps no surprise that Apple will be getting aboard the AR wearable trend after Microsoft’s attempt with HoloLens and Google’s ‘Google Glass’. If whispers are true, the Apple glasses could transform your everyday life and professional capabilities.

Microsoft HoloLens and Google Glass

Microsoft HoloLens and Google Glass

AR allows you to ‘see’ the world from your living room. If combined with a mobile travel app, you’ll be able to receive the latest cultural experience and engage with the tourism and travel sector in completely new ways. Planning your next trip? Immerse yourself within different areas and pick your favourite before packing your bags, whether you choose to climb the Eiffel Tower or gaze at the Colosseum. Arrived at your destination? Save time and hassle by layering your very own virtual travel guide into the physical world while you explore.

Related image

Or aid training and planning,  from simulating military training that may normally exposure individuals to dangerous environments to improving the confidence of children with ‘make-believe’ situations. AR could also enable sophisticated feedback to trainees during specific tasks, improving efficiency and trainee judgements of their abilities. The possibilities are endless.

AR technology was first introduced by Apple with the release of iOS 11 that incorporated AR apps. The apps allow for interactive gaming, immersive shopping experiences, industrial design and more. By example, Ikea unveiled their AR app ‘IKEA Place’, built on Apple’s ARKit technology. From coffee tables to armchairs, you can choose from over 2,000 products that are 3D and true to scale, allowing you to experiment with different furniture and see how it would look and fit in your home.

IKEA Place

“IKEA Place makes it easier to make buying decisions in your own place, to get inspired and try many different products, styles and colors in real-life settings with a swipe of your finger. Augmented reality and virtual reality will be a total game changer for retail in the same way as the internet. Only this time, much faster,” – Michael Valdsgaard, Leader Digital Transformation at Inter IKEA Systems.

The apps work using a combination of the built-in camera, powerful processors and motions sensors in the new iPhones. Rumours suggest the AR wearable will also work alongside your iPhone, more or less like the Apple watch. It’s likely the glasses will act as the display, embedded with sensors, while your iPhone powers the necessary connectivity, location services and computing, although Apple is yet to release any concrete details.

“AR is going to take a while, because there are some really hard technology challenges there…But it will happen, it will happen in a big way, and we will wonder when it does, how we ever lived without it. Like we wonder how we lived without our phone today.” – Tim Cook, Chief Executive Officer of Apple

For rumour updates on the Apple AR headset, check back at the CMM blog!

RPI Adjustments for Vodafone & O2 Small Businesses

Retail Price Index (RPI) price adjustments

The RPI is a widely recognised measure of the UK’s general level of inflation and is used by many industries as a guide on whether to adjust prices, and by how much. From the 1st April 2019, small businesses will be subject to a 2.7% price increase in line with the rate published by the Office for National Statistics this year. If you are on a consumer price plan, the increase will be in line with the Retail Price Index for consumer contracts published later this month, the details of which will be shared as soon as they are available.

We understand it’s never popular to see mid-contract price rises introduced. However, the UK continues to be one of the most competitive markets in the world and these changes will allow Vodafone and O2 to continue to invest in, and improve, their UK-wide network, to offer you the best quality of service possible.


How much will prices increase each year?

The actual adjustment is dictated by the RPI rate published by the Office of National Statistics in March (consumer contracts) and January (business plans) each year.

As an example, if the rate is 3.6%, prices would be affected as follows:

  • A customer paying £15 a month would see their plan increase by 54p a month from April
  • A customer paying £30 a month would see their plan increase by £1.08 a month from April

What if I have a discount?

RPI is applied to your monthly fee, before the discount is applied.

Getting in touch

If you have any questions regarding these changes, please do not hesitate to get in touch. You can email our team via or phone 01252 854352, we are always more than happy to help!

EE, Vodafone & O2 all plan a 5G launch this year

O2 initially planned to roll out 5G in 2020, but has recently announced that 5G will be available in certain cities ahead of time. Consequently, those in Edinburgh, Cardiff, Belfast and London will be able to take advantage of the 5th generation of network this year.  5G is expected to dramatically out-do the performance of the current 3G and 4G networks. Capable of delivering extremely fast data with estimates between 10 – 50 Gbit/s compared with today’s average 4G download speed of 15 Mbit/s.

“Ericsson predict that 5G’s latency will be around one millisecond – un-perceivable to a human and about 50 times faster than 4G.”

In fact, back in 2013 Samsung tested 5G at 1Gbps and journalists reported that a HD movie could be downloaded in less than 30 seconds. Fast track to 2014 and Samsung set a mobile speed record of 7.5Gb/s in another 5G trail, while estimates predict the speed will reach 10Gb/s, with transfer rates as high as 800Gb/s further down the line, taking your download time of a full length film to around a second!

Five Bulb Lights

While the use of a very high frequency spectrum, above 6 GHz, could support a variety of uses including financial trading, gaming and entertainment, holographic projections, and the potential to support very high demands users in busy areas such as city centres. O2 has demonstrated the innovative possibilities of 5G for UK businesses.  Watch the following video for insights into the development of intelligent transport systems, maintenance through augmented reality and the exploration of real-time robotics…

Vodafone on the other hand won big at the recent 5G spectrum auction and plans to reach an ambitious target of 1 gigabyte per second speeds to its customers at work, at home and everywhere in-between. Vodafone’s desired end result? 1,000 active 5G sites by 2020. Similarly to O2, it seems Vodafone may have accelerated its plans in order to keep up with the competition, with an initial launch planned for 2020 moved to later this year. Vodafone’s roll-out will likely resemble the timeline of 4G which involved a gradual increase in access. In contrast to O2, however, Vodafone’s focus is on rural and urban areas, announcing Cornwall and the Lake District as the two of the first locations to get 5G. Likely to be followed by Birmingham, Bristol, Cardiff, Glasgow, Liverpool, London and Manchester.

Image result for ee 5g

Similarly, EE has confirmed it will launch 5G in the second half of 2019, in two phases. The first cities include Birmingham, Belfast, Cardiff, Glasgow, Liverpool, London and Manchester, including coverage of the busiest parts of the cities such as London’s Hyde Park, Manchester Airport, Edinburgh Waverly train station, Belfast City Airport, The Welsh Assembly and Birmingham’s Bullring shopping centre. As well as the six launch cities, through 2019 EE will also be introducing 5G across the busiest parts of ten more UK cities: Glasgow, Newcastle, Liverpool, Leeds, Hull, Sheffield, Nottingham, Leicester, Coventry and Bristol. 5G Smartphones will also be introduced alongside EE’s 5G Home router for 5G broadband. For more updates on 5G, check back at the CMM blog.

Issues with your Mobile signal? What to do

A loss of signal can be frustrating and detrimental to your productivity. The following post offers a step-by-step self-help guide for those on O2, Vodafone and EE networks.

1. Checking your coverage

Firstly, check the coverage and network status in your area to see if you’ve been affected by an outage. Common causes include extreme weather such as strong winds, flooding or falling trees that can affect network masts, alongside  temporary structures such as cranes or scaffolding that can obstruct signal.

Person Using Black Android Smartphone

If your network is carrying out planned or unplanned maintenance, your signal will also probably be affected, you can find the coverage checker for your network below:
– Vodafone
– O2
– EE
If you’re in uncharted territory, your issue could be the building as the signal strength needed to pass through materials, such as window and walls, varies across different sites. Furthermore, the closer you are to a mast, the stronger the signal you’ll receive – influenced by the lay of the land (hills, valleys, forests, etc).

2.  Check your device

In order to ensure its not your device causing the issue. We recommend turning your phone off and on again to refresh your network connection. You may also wish to toggle your flight mode on and off and manually select your network within your phone settings. In some cases, older software can affect your device’s ability  to retrieve signal, to ensure this isn’t the issue, please check for software updates too.

3. Check your SIM

In order to rule out a SIM issue. You can try your phone in another phone belonging to your network or unlocked, or try a different SIM in your phone that belongs to the same network.

Black Smartphone on Black Table Top

4. Check your account

If your account is on hold, this will also prevent network use. Billing issues or a failed top-up could be the cause of your inability to access the network, to check your account you can login to your account via your provider if available, or if you’re a CMM customer you can call our support team on 01252 854352 or email

5. Using Wi-Fi for messages and calls in the mean time


For Vodafone users, all you need to use the WiFi service is a compatible device on a supported tariff including Pay monthly Red Extra or Red Entertainment plans, or a Red or Red Value Bundle or one of the following business tariffs:

  • Red, Red Extra, Red Entertainment, Red Value Bundle, Red Sharer
  • Business Value, Business Extra, Business Premier, Business Black, Business Black Global, Business Plus, Business Freedom no-VPN version, Business Advance
  • Latest Public Sector price plansimg_690x200_infographicCompatible devices include:
  • Samsung – Galaxy A3 (2016 and 2017), A5 (2016 and 2017), A6, A8, J5 (2016 and 2017), J3 (2017), J6 (2018), S6, S6 Edge, S6 Edge+, S7, S7 Edge, S8, S8+, S9, S9+, Note8, Note 9 and XCover, 
  • Apple – iPhone XS, iPhone XR, iPhone X, iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus and iPhone SE, 
  • Huawei – P10, P10 Plus, Smart Mate 10 Pro, P Smart, P20, P20 Pro, P10 Lite, P20 Lite, 
  • Sony – XZ Premium, XZ1, XZ1 Compact, XA 2, XZ2, XZ3
  • Vodafone – N8, Smart Ultra 7, Smart Platinum 7, Smart N9 Lite

No extra  hardware or app is needed. Calls can be made via your standard address book and from your normal number. Better yet, the person you’re calling doesn’t need to have Wi-Fi calling and there is no additional charge for using the WiFi calling service. Any calls you make will come out of your existing UK monthly minutes allowance – as normal calls would via a mobile signal!

The use of WiFi Calling whilst roaming is prohibited and is not supported. However, in certain circumstances it may be possible to enable WiFi Calling whilst abroad. If you’re abroad and attempt to use WiFi calling, your call will be charged at Vodafone’s standard international rates and treated as a call from the UK to an international number. We highly recommend you do not use WiFi calling abroad as Vodafone EuroTraveller, WorldTraveller and other international bundles will not apply.


For O2 users,  WiFi calling is able for Pay Monthly Consumer and Business customers with compatibles and services (Please note this excludes O2 Business Mobex, Best for Business tariffs or Public Service Network tariffs and Pay As You Go users). There’s no need to register or download an app, but you will need to turn on WiFi calling on your device (this service is not available to use abroad). The process varies from phone to phone, but is usually under ‘Phone’ or ‘Connections’ within your settings. Compatible devices include:

  • Apple iPhone Xs, iPhone Xs Max, iPhone X, iPhone Xr, iPhone 8 Plus, 8, 7 Plus, 7, 6s Plus, 6s, 6 Plus, 6, SE,
  • Samsung Galaxy S10, S10e, S10 Plus, S9, S9 Plus, S8, S8 Plus, Note8, S7, S7 edge and J3 2017, A8, A3 2017, A6, J6, J5 (2017), A5 (2017), Note9, A7, J6+, J4+, A9,
  • Sony Xperia XZ2, Xperia XZ3, XZ2 Compact, XZ Premium, Xperia XA2, Xperia XZ1, Xperia XZ1 Compact,
  • Oneplus 5, 5T, 6, 6T,
  • HTC U11,
  • Doro 8035
  • Google Pixel 3, Pixel 3 XL.

Please note, on some Android devices, Wifi and 4G Calling will only work if you’re using O2 firmware. WiFi calls made are included as part of your usual UK tariff allowance, and out-of-tariff calls are charged at your standard rate. For those using O2 Just Call Me, Mobex, Mobile Recording or Asavie, you will need to remove them to use WiFi Calling – you can always switch back through My O2 or if you’re a CMM customer, get in touch with your account manager by phoning 01252 854352.


For EE users on a Pay Monthly plan,  you’ll need to have the latest software update installed, a compatible device and have switched on WiFi calling in your phone settings. The process varies from phone to phone, but is usually under ‘Phone’ or ‘Connections’ within your settings. Compatible devices include:

  • Apple iPhone 5c, 5s, 6, 6 Plus, 6S, 6S Plus, SE, 7, 7 Plus, 8, 8 Plus, X, 
  • Samsung Galaxy S9, S9+, S8, S8+, S7, S7 edge, S6, S6 edge, S6 edge+, A3 (2017), A5 (2017), Note 8, 
  • Nexus 5X, 6P, 
  • Nokia 3, 5, 8, Lumia 550, 650, 950, 950XL, 
  • HTC 10, U11, U11 Life, 
  • BlackBerry Priv, Dtek 50, Dtek 60, KEYone,
  • Google Pixel, Pixel XL, Pixel 2, Pixel 2 XL,
  • Huawei P10, P10 Lite, P10 Plus, P Smart,
  • Sony Xperia XZ1, Xperia XZ1 Compact
  •  EE Hawk.

Calls and texts will come out of your UK monthly allowance (please note this service is unavailable abroad). If you go over your allowances you’ll be charged at standard rates. Calls made using WiFi Calling will not be shown as WiFi calls on your bill. Unfortunately for EE Pay As You Go users this service is currently unavailable.