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The BlackBerry Leap

Introducing the BlackBerry Leap

The BlackBerry Leap is your ideal business companion, with features that will boost productivity and security.


  • 5″ HD display
    The BlackBerry Leap features a 5″, all-touch screen with a 1280 x 720 HD resolution and an edge-to-edge finish.
  • Body
    The Leap features a slim line body that is 5.6″ (H) x 2.8″ (W) and weighs 170 grams, with dedicated keys for volume up/down, mute and lock for power on/off.

BlackBerry Leap Review


  • Voice and text personal assistant
    With the Leap, you can take advantage of your very own assistant that will manage your email, contacts, calendar and more, through voice and text commands. Whether you’re on the road, in a meeting or at your desk, with the assistant commands, you can ensure you execute important tasks quickly – irrelevant of your current situation.
  • BlackBerry Hub
    The BlackBerry Hub acts as a centre for all the messages and notifications you receive from different accounts, allowing you to access them from one convenient location. With the hub, you can receive and respond to email, text messages or BBM chats, see and respond to notifications from your social networking accounts such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, glance up your upcoming events and more.
  • BBM
    BBM is featured as another tool to turbocharge your productivity levels – allowing you to chat and share with speed, control and privacy. Better yet, BBM is available to download across various OS systems, allowing you to connect and share instant messages, pictures and more for free, in real-time, whether your colleagues are on BlackBerry, Android, iPhone or Windows.
  • BlackBerry® 10 browser with unlimited browser tabs
    The BlackBerry 10 browser offers fast and powerful web browsing, in fact…

    Speed tests recently published by the New Relic show that when it comes to loading pages, BlackBerry 10 obliterates the competition – including Apple and Microsoft – with an average of just 1.55 seconds.

  • Best-in-class BlackBerry Keyboard
    BlackBerry has been renowned for their keypad models offering fast and easy typing, and they’ve ensured you won’t miss out on their touch-screen devices. The BlackBerry Leap features a keyboard  that learns how you write, and offers personalised next-word suggestions for effortless typing that is quick, accurate and productive.
  • High level security
    The Leap is fully equipped with support for encryption, and built in malware protection and back-up, wipe and restore. A vital feature for business devices, that offers you power and control over potential cyber-attacks that could be very costly to your private business data.

BlackBerry Leap Review


  • 2800 mAH battery
    The Leap’s 2800 mAH battery will keep you connected for up to 25 hours, while the optimisation of power consumption will ensure you stay on call through your most demanding days.
  • 8MP rear camera & 2MP front camera
    The 8MP rear camera offers 5x digital zoom, 1080p HD video recording at 30fps. While the 2MP fixed focus camera has 720p HD video recording and a 3x digital zoom.
  • 16GB internal storage
    The Leap offers 16GB of standard internal storage but this can be extended with MicroSD card support for up to 128GB.

For more details on the Leap or information on SIM free and pay monthly prices, please get in touch with your account manager via Email: Phone: 01252 854352 – we are always more than happy to help.

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Top 5 Free Productivity Apps for your Apple iPhone

Top 5 Free Productivity Apps for your Apple iPhone

1) EverNote

EverNoteEverNote is a free app designed to help you stay organised in the form of your very own digital notebook, and is often referred to as an “external brain”, with the ability to store anything and everything in one easily-searchable location. With EverNote, you can add text, images, audio, scanned docs, files and more to your digital ‘notebook’ and sync the information across all your devices – whether that be your boarding pass, receipt, article to read, to do list or simply a typed note.

2) IF

IF iPhone Productivity AppIF (formerly known as IFTTT) is a free web service and mobile app that allows you to automate web-based tasks – following the principle of ‘If This, Then That”. With IF, you can activate and connect your channels such as Facebook, Dropbox, Gmail and more, using IFTTT ‘recipes’. For example a popular recipe is ‘If you post a photo on Instagram Then share it on Twitter’, allowing you to automate your social media activity – and ensure your content is spread across all your networks in a consistent and timely fashion.

3) DO

Recently Updated1The DO app is also developed by IFTTT, and expands the current functionality of IF, so you can automate even more actions and thus take productivity on your mobile device even further. While IF allows you to run recipes in the background that are triggered automatically, DO needs you to take a specific action – usually via the push of a button – to initiate a task. These ‘buttons’ can be personalised by you with just a tap, and can appear in widget form.  Examples include “Create a note logging a map image of your location” which automatically creates an Evernote note that maps your location, useful when parking in unfamiliar areas, “On the way home? Let someone know,” sends a Gmail message to your selected recipient letting them know you’re heading back and where you are – a feature that could also be used to inform colleagues of your whereabouts between meetings and the office.

4) Offline Reader

Offline ReaderOffline Reader is a free app that allows you to read your favourite web pages – even when there is no continuous internet connectivity. The software’s built-in browser allows one-tap saving of entire web pages, while the Safari “Reader” reformats them for easier reading by removing any annoying ads or other visual distractions. Offline Reader is a fantastic tool if you find yourself spending time away from that all important internet connection but still need access to specific pages.

5) Asana: Team Tasks & Conversations

PicturesAsana is a free app that removes the hassle of muddling through multiple email threads by putting your team’s project management and communications all in one place. With Asana, you can create projects, assign tasks to individuals, set deadlines, comments, requests and more. You can easily look up who is supposed to do what, check what’s already been done, share ideas, comments, and efficiently communicate with a team of up to 15 people for free, via your iPhone or in the Web App.

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Mophie Space Pack Review

Mophie Space Pack Review

The Space Pack by Mophie is the king of iPhone accessories – offering you 3 solutions in one sleek form. A protective case for your iPhone, that provides additional storage space and extra battery life.


Mophie Space Pack Review BlackThe Mophie Space Pack sports a ‘snap on back’ design made from hard protective plastic, and weighs 79 grams. The pack is split into two sections, at the back of the bottom section, there is a metallic-silver button that, when pressed, stylishly indicates how much battery power is remaining via four LED lights. This button is also used to connect the case’s extra storage to your iPhone and the Mophie Space app.

Key Features

Mophie Space Pack Review Gold

  • Up to 100% more battery life without having to connect to a power source.
  • Additional storage space for your music, videos, pictures and docs – amount of extra space is dependent on the model you choose – 16GB, 32GB, or 64GB.
  • Space app for managing, organising and sharing files, music and photos – available for free from the Apple iTunes store.

Compatibility and Price

Mophie Space Pack Review White
The Mophie Space Pack is compatible with the Apple iPhone 5 and 5S and is available for:

  • £129.95 – 16GB Storage
  • £159.95 – 32GB Storage
  • £199.95 – 64GB Storage

In the box, you’ll receive the Mophie Space Pack, Micro USB cable, Pass-through headphone adaptor and a Quick-start guide.

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