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BlackBerry Passport Review

BlackBerry Passport Review


The new BlackBerry Passport has had some controversial reviews due to it’s rather unique design. The new model features a 4.5″, 1.1 ratio screen made from durable Gorilla Glass 3. With this device, there’s no portrait or landscape mode necessary, as it is the perfect square, allowing for 60 characters in a line rather than 40 on a regular smartphone. The unusual square design optimises the passport for spreadsheets, office documents, e-books, presentations and the viewing of full-scale websites. But unfortunately skews other functions such as gaming. However, BlackBerry have not designed the Passport for the standard smartphone consumer – and thus gaming issues did not deter them. The Blackberry Passport is for the business user, and when it comes to business use, the sleek silver and black device is a highly credible option. The BlackBerry Passport also see’s the return of the famous BlackBerry keyboard  – with a twist. The keyboard features three rows instead of four. Which may take you a little more time to familiarise yourself with, but will no doubt please those who feel more productive with an actual keyboard as opposed to a touch-screen version.

Blackberry Passport Review


When it comes to the specifications, BlackBerry really has pulled all their tricks out of the bag. Featuring 32GB of storage, 3GB of RAM and a microSD card slot that allows you to expand the memory to a whopping 128GB(!), the Passport can definitely take on all of your business files. When it comes to the insides, the Passport runs on the BlackBerry 10.3 operating system and is powered by a 2.2GHz Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 801 processor. The 801 processor is one of the Snapdragon premium tier processors. Designed to enable even sharper image capture and post processing, more immersive 3D gaming, improved performance, and virtually seamless communications, along with outstanding battery life for premium smartphones – aka the BlackBerry Passport. Featuring a 3,450mAh battery, we can definitely see evidence of the outstanding battery life, with up to 30 hours of mixed use offered, even for the “very active user”. While the sharper image capture and post processing will definitely make the most of the 13MP rear camera and 2MP front camera.

Blackberry Passport Review Snapdragon 801

2.2GHz Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 801 processor features


1) BlackBerry Blend: BlackBerry has incorporated a brand new feature into the Passport model – BlackBerry Blend. BlackBerry Blend allows you to access your phone remotely via an encrypted Wi-Fi connection from any PC, Mac or Android tablet. All the content stored on your Passport such as messages, contacts, notifications, calendar, documents and media, will be accessible in real-time, while any changes you make will be reflected on the handset. Not only does Blend allow you to move between devices to accomplish various tasks, but you can also ensure constant access to your Passport even if you have left it at home or in the office. Better yet, with BlackBerry Blend – there’s no saving to cloud, no wires, no backing up. Your content is just there – ready for you to access with complete ease.

2) Blackberry Hub: The Passport feature’s BlackBerry Hub. With the BlackBerry Hub you can quickly manage all of your communications. And with the Hub Instant Actions, you can organise and action your inbox without having to go into each individual message – whether you want to flag an email in a single tap, accept a calendar invitation without even opening it, or quickly respond to your BBM or SMS message.

3) Amazon appstore & BlackBerry World: With the Passport, you can download and install both Android and BlackBerry apps.  Access great business and productivity apps through BlackBerry® World™ and the latest Android games and apps through the Amazon Appstore, and cater both your work and play needs.

4) BlackBerry® Assistant: The BlackBerry Assistant allows you to manage your email, contacts, calendar and other BlackBerry 10 features through both voice and text commands. It also helps you to execute tasks, such as responding to important emails, scheduling a meeting or getting directions, as quickly as possible. Better yet, the BlackBerry Assistant is intelligent enough to offer personal responses based on your situation, for example when you’re connected to Bluetooth in the car, it understands you can’t look at the screen, so it will interact with you completely eyes and hands free. Check out more features below…

Blackberry Assistant BlackBerry Passport Review


The BlackBerry Passport is packed with top specs and features that offer serious value for money, and will no doubt allow you to stand out from the crowd.  For information on SIM free and pay monthly prices, please get in touch with your account manager via Email: Phone: 01252 854352 – we are always more than happy to help.

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Is 4G Coverage offered in your area?

4G Coverage4G coverage

Before upgrading to a 4G enabled tariff and device, it’s important you check whether or not 4G is supported by your network – in the areas you need it most. Whether that be in the office, at home or at your most frequent business locations. Find your network below…

1) Vodafone 4G Coverage Checker:

2) O2 4G Coverage Checker:

3) EE 4G Coverage Checker:

4) Three 4G Coverage Checker:

 5) T-Mobile 4G Coverage Checker:

6) Orange 4G Coverage Checker:

5 of the Best Free Android Apps for Small Businesses

Best Free Android apps for Small Businesses 

1) Google My Business

The Google My Business App allows you to connect directly with your customers, whether they’re looking for you on Google Search, Maps or Google+. With the app you can update your business information on Search, Maps and more, and you can share news, updates and photos on your Google+ page. You can also take advantage of custom insights, including how many times you show up on Google. Offering you a valuable tool for evaluating how effective your online presence is.

Google App Best Free Android Apps for Small BusinessesDownload now: (copy & paste link into your browser)

2) OfficeSuite 8 + PDF for Word

The OfficeSuite 8 app allows you to edit Microsoft Office and PDF documents and attachments on your Android Device and is the only office solution allowing you to convert PDF files to Word, Excel or ePUB (available in OfficeSuite Premium). Following an update, OfficeSuite 8 features a completely new desktop which offers a similar user interface and experience to your computer, allowing you to easily switch to working on your mobile device. OfficeSuite 8 also features intergration with various cloud services you may be using such as Box, DropBox, Google Drive, OneDrive and SugarSync.

OfficeSuite 8 + PDF for Word Best Free Android Apps for Small Businesses

Download now: (copy & paste link into your browser)

3) Facebook Pages Manager

The Facebook Pages Manager App offers an easy way to connect with your audience and keep up with activity across multiple pages from your Android Device. You can take advantage of all the standard Facebook functions such as posting updates, comments, photos, inviting fans, sharing links and more. You’ll also be able to view your latest page insights so you can gain a clear view of which posts are performing best and thus what your fan base is interested in.

Facebook Pages Manager Best Free Android Apps for Small Businesses

Download now: (copy & paste link into your browser)

4) PayPal Here Get Paid Anywhere

The PayPal app allows you to accept credit and debit cards, send invoices, track cash and cheque (UK-only) payments and accept PayPal payments, all from your Android Device. Without any long-term contracts, commitments or monthly fees. However, you will need to make a one off payment for a PayPal chip and pin card reader (currently on offer for £49.95 until October 31st 2014), that works alongside the app. PayPal Here uses fully-encrypted Chip and PIN technology and is backed by their world-class risk and fraud management systems. Security standards include PCI PTS 3.0, UKCC Certified and EMV Level 1 and 2, giving you financial safety and security.

Paypal Here Get Paid Anywhere Best Free Android Apps for Small Businesses

Download now: (copy & paste link into your browser)

5) AppLock Theme Cube

AppLock Theme Cube allows you to lock any of your phone’s features such as SMS, gallery, Gmail, Facebook, contacts, settings and any other apps of your choice. In fact, you can even control photo and video access to the point of selecting specific photos from your common gallery to be stored behind a hidden pad, that only you will be able to access via your chosen pin code. This app offers you complete privacy and control, which is particularly vital when devices are often used for both business and personal use. You no longer need to worry about children accessing your important business applications, or colleagues or IT accessing your personal applications and data, such as Facebook or private photos. For added security, the app cannot be un-installed without your consent. And better yet, the app requires little memory from your Android Device and is designed to be power-saving.

AppLock Theme Cube Best Free Android Apps for Small Businesses

Choose from various themes and customise your phone’s background.

Download now: (copy & paste link into your browser)

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9 New Features in iOS 8

New Features in iOS 8

“iOS 8 is the biggest iOS release ever — for developers and everyone else. But that wasn’t the goal. We simply set out to create the most natural, most useful experience — one that is pleasantly surprising at first and becomes utterly indispensable before you know it.” – Apple Inc.

1) Photos

Apple’s latest operating system iOS 8 features the all-new Photos app. It’s now even simpler to find and rediscover your favourite photos with new search features that allow you to search by album name, date or even location. Better yet, you can make every shot look even better immediately after you’ve taken it with powerful new editing tools, no matter what your skill level is. Adjust lighting, exposure, highlights, shadows, brightness, and more, precisely and quickly. Then really make your image stand out with the Apple-designed filters. With iOS 8 it’s also now possible for other app developers to create filters and editing tools that you can use in Photos. Finally with the new ‘Time Lapse’ feature, you can even snap photos at dynamically selected intervals. The result is a video showing an accelerated sequence of the photos over time. Time to throw out the compact camera?

New Features in iOS 8 Photos

2) Messages

With iOS 8, you can connect via messages like never before. Tap to add your voice to any conversation. Send a video of what you’re seeing the moment you’re seeing it. Easily share your location with a map view so they know where you are. And take charge of group messages.

New Features in iOS 8 - Messages

3) Design

In iOS 8, you’ll find convenient new ways to respond to notifications. Take action on texts, emails, calendar invitations, reminders and even messages from apps like Facebook, straight from their notification banners — without leaving the app you’re in. You’ll also experience helpful shortcuts to the people you talk to most – simply double tap the home button and you’ll see the faces or initials of the people you’ve recently talked to, allowing you to continue the conversation with ease and speed. You’ll also find new time-saving features for managing your mail. All of which make the experience of using your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch that much better.

New Features in iOS 8

4) Keyboard

iOS 8 features a new keyboard that sits above your standard keyboard. It’s purpose is to make typing easier by suggesting contextually appropriate words to complete your sentences. It even recognises who you’re typing to and whether you’re in Mail or Messages. Because your tone in an email may be different from your tone in a message.

New Features in iOS 8 Keyboard

5) Family Sharing

iOS 8 features ‘Family Sharing’, this allows up to six people in your household to easily share each other’s purchases from iTunes, iBooks and the App Store. You can also keep up with each other’s photos, calendars, locations and more.

New Features in iOS 8 - Family Sharing

6) iCloud Drive

The good news: you can work on any file, anywhere. The bad news: you can work on any file, anywhere. That includes presentations, PDFs, images and more — straight from iCloud. On whichever device you’re using, including your Mac or PC.

New Features in iOS 8 iCloud Drive

7) Health

The new Health app gives you an easy‑to‑read dashboard of your health and fitness data. Whether that be heart rate, calories burned, blood sugar or cholesterol. The new Health app puts that data in one place, accessible with a tap, giving you a clear and current overview of your health. You can also create an emergency card with important health information — for example, your blood type or allergies — that’s available from your Lock screen.

New Features in iOS 8 Health

8) iPhone, iPad & Mac more connected than ever

Things are about to get even better for people with multiple Apple devices. Now you can start an email on one device and seamlessly continue on another. And iPhone owners can answer phone calls on their Mac or iPad, and also send SMS messages from any of them.

New Features in iOS 8 iPhone iPad & Mac Connect

9) Spotlight

Sometimes you’re looking for a contact or an app. Sometimes you’re looking for answers. Spotlight now gives you suggestions from Wikipedia entries, places nearby, trending news and more. It’s even smart enough to recognise context and location to offer you the most relevant information.

New Features in iOS 8 Spotlight brighter than ever

For more on iOS 8, see iOS 8 FAQ. 

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iOS 8 FAQ:

How do I download iOS 8?

1) Firstly, back up your device via iTunes or iCloud. Below are the instructions for each:

Back up via iTunes:

  1. Make sure your computer has the latest version of iTunes.
  2. Connect your iOS device to your computer.
  3. Choose File > Devices > Back up.
    If you’re using iTunes 10.7 or earlier, right-click the device and choose Backup Now.

Back up via iCloud:

  1. Tap Settings > iCloud > Backup. If you’re using iOS 7 or earlier, tap Settings > iCloud > Storage & Backup.
    iOS 8 FAQ iCloud Back up
  2. Make sure iCloud Backup is on.
  3. Tap Back Up Now.

2) The easiest way to update your device is to do so wirelessly, or ‘over air’. Plug your device into a power source and tap Settings > General > Software Update.

iOS 8 FAQ Software update apple

3) Tap “Download and Install” to download the update.

4) Tap Install when the download completes if you want to complete it now. Tap Later to install the update later. If your device is passcode enabled, it will ask you to enter the passcode before installing the update.

If you can’t update wiressly, you can update via iTunes.

  1. Install the latest version of iTunes on your computer.
  2. Plug in your device to your computer.
  3. In iTunes, select your device.
  4. In the Summary pane, click “Check for Update.”

iPhone summary tab

5. Click “Download and Update.”


  • Make sure your device has enough space for the new operating system, you can check this by  going to Settings > General > Usage to see how much space your content uses. If you’re running low on room, you can use iTunes to create space or remove content from your device. 

Which Apple devices are compatible with iOS 8?

iPhone: iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPhone 5C, iPhone 5S, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus. 

iPad: iPad 2, iPad 3, iPad 4, iPad Air, iPad Mini, and iPad Mini.

& iPod Touch 5th Gen. 

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The Latest Business Mobiles

Latest Business Mobiles

Blackberry Z30

The Z30 is a serious contender when choosing your business partner. View and edit Microsoft® Word, Excel® and PowerPoint® on the go with the Documents To Go™ app. Then go large with the ability to connect to a screen via a micro HDMI cable or stream wirelessly with Miracast, for a presentation that truly makes an impact. With optimised BlackBerry® Paratek Antenna technology, you can ensure you have faster downloads and fewer dropped calls even with weak coverage – vital for communication with your customers, prospects and business associates, while the rather impressive battery life will keep you connected for up to 25 hours. Beyond convenient apps and features, the Z30 also incorporates BlackBerry®Balance™ technology. In principle, this technology gives you two devices by keeping any work content and personal content completely and securely separate. Perhaps our favourite feature, Blackberry balance certainly gives more private employees a breather and removes worry for your IT department. The BlackBerry® 10 OS also features the BlackBerry® Priority Hub, allowing you to view your important messages in a single swipe – whether it’s a BBM, SMS or even an email attachment, amongst others, offering quick access for the busy worker.

Blackberry Z30 Latest business mobiles

 Apple iPhone 6 & 6 Plus

The new models from Apple feature an updated version of the Apple operating system – iOS 8. And the well-known, enterprise-grade security technologies built into iOS are even more powerful in the updated version. Data protection has been expanded into more apps and finer control over mail encryption has been enabled. In fact, Apple’s comprehensive approach to security takes the load of IT teams as iPhones can be deployed in virtually any environment. With a built-in framework for third-party mobile device management (MDM) solutions, large quantities of iPhone devices can be set up, configured and managed with ease and efficiency. While the Touch ID fingerprint identity sensor allows for another, effortless, security measure. The latest Apple models are also fitted with the new A8 chip, offering higher efficiency and better performance than previous Apple devices. Beyond security and swift performance, the iTunes store ensures that you can get the apps you need for your business.

Apple iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus Latest business mobiles

HTC One M8

The One M8 from HTC is a highly rated model, particularly when it comes to design and form factor. Beyond sleek looks, the One M8 is a good business partner for ease of use and quick navigation. Firstly, unlike the Apple iPhone, the M8 can be woken up with a touch of the screen – no buttons involved. Secondly, the M8 features ‘Blinkfeed’. HTC Blinkfeed allows you to personalise your own stream of online content on your home screen. Whether that be your email, LinkedIn profile or the latest news in your industry – the HTC M8 allows you to quickly stay updated with what’s most important to you. The One M8 also features an expandable microSD slot that allows you to create a whopping 128GB of additional storage, and offers 50GB of free cloud-based storage, via Google Drive, that can be used over 2 years. Finally, there’s also a new battery conservation feature – ‘Extreme Power Saving Mode’. This mode, HTC claims, makes it possible to extend the life of your battery enormously; supposedly giving you 15 hours with just 5 percent battery left, and up to two weeks if the battery is already full! To do this, it cuts all of your connections and background apps, and essentially turns your phone into a feature phone. It even comes with an incredibly basic launcher that gets you manual access to calls, texts, email (on the Sense app, that is), calendar and calculator. A feature that will not be needed everyday but may just be a life saver when you’re running low on juice, and expecting that call from your very important prospect.

HTC One M8 latest business mobiles

Samsung S5

The Samsung S5 allows you to maintain business continuity in any environment. With 1P67 water and dust resistance, you can rest assured that your mobile will be protected when your work takes you to dusty environments, construction sites or outdoor locations. Not only does the S5 have a tough exterior, it’s also got a hardcore battery life featuring an ultra power saving mode that will ensure you can use your phone when you need it most, whether that be for a critical client call or for taking notes at your meeting. A further feature is the intergrated finger scanner, the scanner uses the characteristics of your individual fingerprint to provide secure access to your device without a user ID or password. Allowing you to protect your business data and take advantage of quick, convenient access. Further security features include Samsung KNOX. Samsung KNOX is an innovative, cost-effective mobile security solution with full protection and flexibility that ensures your enterprise data is securely guarded. Together, Samsung GALAXY S5 and the Samsung KNOX 2.0 support both Bring-Your-Own Device (BYOD) and corporate-liable mobile devices with dual personal usage capabilities. KNOX offers enhanced security features: Real-time kernel protection, two-factor biometric authentication and third-party container support. Samsung KNOX satisfies a broad range of requirements from those of highly regulated industries to to typical business usage with an integrated hardware and software multi-security layer. The solution secures and manages information so that you can conduct business wherever you go.

Latest business mobiles Samsung Galaxy S5

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