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Amazon Fire Smartphone

The New Amazon Fire Smartphone

The Amazon Fire Smartphone is packed with pretty impressive specs. Sporting a 4.7” display with a 1280 x 720 resolution. Running on the Fire 3.5.0 OS, a heavily modified version of Android, as used in the Amazon Kindle Fire Tablets. And fired up by a Quad-Core Snapdragon 800 CPU Processor, offering 2.2GHz speeds.

The Amazon Fire packs a 13MP rear-facing camera with various features such as multi-frame HDR, auto focus and optical image stabilisation. Combined with a 2.1MP front-facing camera, the Fire isn’t lacking in features or quality – but it isn’t knocking the ball out of the park either.

So, why the hype? What really is so special about the Amazon Fire Smartphone?

Amazon Fire Smartphone

The Fire is here to change your retail experience

Well, the Amazon Fire isn’t here to rival Apple or Samsung with fancy mobile specs. It’s here to take the retail experience to a whole new level. Making your online shopping more instant and more convenient than ever before.

The Amazon Fire features ‘FireFly’. Firefly uses the Fire’s built-in camera to recognize over 100 million different objects. From DVDS, to phone numbers, QR codes, CDs, URLS, games, and bar codes. You could literally take a picture of something you want, and the Fire will tell you how to buy it on-line, as well as information on price and delivery – of course by using Amazon’s humongous online store. Better yet, you can then view the product in 3D using the Amazon Fire 3D interface.

Picture this

Picture this, you’re in an electronic shop and you’ve found the TV you want. A quick picture of the bar code, and your Amazon Fire will tell you different prices and delivery options. In fact the bar-code scanning and product-recognition functions alone can identify and price check more than 70 million products! From the new DVD you wanted, to the deck chair you’ve been eyeing up. All you have to do is snap it and you’ll find out in seconds if there’s a better deal. Chances are Amazon will have it cheaper, and therefore you will shop from them. That’s probably why a Free 12 Month subscription to Amazon Prime is included with the phone.

The Downfall? The Amazon Fire Phone may make consumer ‘show rooming’ in bricks and mortar stores more prominent than ever before. Heavily encouraging you to physically go and see the items you would like, but to spend your hard-earned cash online. This could cause even more problems for our high-street retailers.

Price and Launch

The Amazon Fire is currently available from $649.00, (that’s just £382.50!). Though price can increase dependent on the GB size you choose – 32GB or 64GB.

Launch in America is expected on July 25th 2014, but unfortunately the European release date is yet to be announced.

What are your opinions on the Amazon Fire Smartphone? Are you excited by a 3D interface and the new opportunities FireFly brings? Or do you feel that the new Amazon Device will take it’s retail dominance too far, putting an even heftier strain on your high-street shops?

We would love to hear from you.

OnePlus One: The Smartphone that may just rival the Galaxy S5

The smartphone industry is heavily dominated by huge corporations. Unfortunately, the big players such as  Nokia – Finland, Samsung – South Korean, Apple – USA, and HTC – Taiwan, leave little room for smaller companies to break through such high barriers to entry. In fact, many of you have probably never considered opting for a smartphone from a lesser-know, Chinese Company. But lately, it looks like the Chinese are getting it right – seriously right. Offering smartphones with major value for money. In a recent post, we discussed the Find 7 Smartphone by the Chinese Company Oppo. The Find 7 easily rivals the latest flagship models from Samsung and HTC, such as the Galaxy S5 and HTC M8 – but nears half the price.

And now we’ve found another diamond.

Introducing the OnePlus One – the smartphone that may just rival the Samsung Galaxy S5. The OnePlus One, like the Find 7 by Oppo, offers outrageous value for money.

OnePlus One

When it comes to the specs, the OnePlus One is right on point.

The OnePlus One features a rather large 5.5″ Full HD Screen with a 1920 x 1080 pixel resolution – and a pixel resolution identical to the Samsung Galaxy S5. The display, once again like the S5, is protected with Corning Gorilla Glass 3. When it comes to the inside, the OnePlus One is fitted with the Qualcomm Snadgragon 801 processor, and offers the same 2.5GHz quad-core speeds as guess which model? You got it. The S5. The Qualcomm Snapdragon processor completely enhances the OnePlus One’s operational capacity and performance, giving high-level speed and efficiency. Better yet, the OnePlus One features custom Krait CPU architecture for sustained peak performance, integrated 4G LTE connectivity and Adreno 330 GPU for superior graphics and gaming, boosting 3D interfaces, colours and textures. When it comes to the operating system, the OnePlus One features CyanogenMod 11S, based on Android 4.4. CyanogenMod 11S is designed to allow you to mould your mobile domain. Choose your quiet hours, enhance your home screen, configure your quick setting panels and more. You’re in control.

So why is this phone over half the price? 

The specs continue to impress with a rather special 13 megapixel rear camera, and 5 megapixel front camera. The rear camera boasts 6 physical lenses, giving you more precise and detailed images without suffering distortion often caused by lower apertures. While the front camera features an extra-wide 80º viewing angle so you can finally get everybody in the group selfie. Further features include Mira Cast and NFC Technology.

The Bargain Price Tag

Yet, the OnePlus One starts at just £229 (16GB Silk White), and is also available in Sandstone Black for £269 (64GB). While the Samsung S5 is over double the price, at £569 SIM Free.

Granted the OnePlus One lacks a heart rate monitor, and dust and water resistance amongst other features, but for those of you looking for a great smartphone with a little price tag, the OnePlus One is definitely worth considering.

The Pitfall

Our criticism? We’re all for value for money. But when it comes to buying, the process seems over-complicated. OnePlus decided to cut out all the middlemen – from distributors, to retailers, and advertisers. So, in order to purchase the OnePlus One, you have to have received an invite from a previous buyer (or win in a competition/promotional event) – as each buyer receives invites to give out to friends and family. Once you have your email invite, you can claim it via the unique link. You are then directed to the OnePlus Site, where you can either log in or sign up to claim. Once approved, you can finally make a purchase. It’s safe to say, the OnePlus One falls on a thin line between exclusivity and inconvenience.

Besides the slightly timely process of getting your hands on the One Plus, it’s still a fantastic device. Though, it may be a while until the OnePlus One is able to break into the mainstream markets in the west, particularly without the luxury of huge marketing machines and wide carrier support. Sadly, many people may never know these bargain smartphones exist.

But, you can help. Spread the word with a share.

World Cup Kicks Off Mobile Data Costs

The World Cup digital audience has doubled. In fact, Akamai, an Internet content delivery network, says it is expecting to handle up to 2.5 million live content streams at any one time across its network. This compares to 1.6 million during the 2010 World Cup – and that’s just one network. The World Cup fever is set to drive data bills through the roof.

As your football fanatic employees take in the highlights and even full matches via their business mobiles, your company should get ready for the bill shock at month end. Increasing roaming charges for holidays are one concern, but the World Cup could take this summer’s charges to a whole new level.

What Can You Do?

We partner with Wandera to bring you their Mobile Data Gateway, the solution that sits between your employee devices and the internet.

Bringing you huge benefits:

  • Cap usage at specified thresholds
  • Block access to data-demanding and unproductive sites and apps
  • Compress data, saving up to 30%
  • Automatic roaming detection
  • Transparent end-user experience
  • Save up to 60% of data with capping, blocking, and compression

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We are offering a 2 Month Contract for the Wandera Mobile Data Gateway View and Extend Bundle, instead of the standard 12 Months, so you won’t have to take a beating from data charges, and feel like this when you receive your bill…

World Cup Data Costs

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