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How important is size? Which one should I buy?

There is no doubting that the “new iPad” is flying off the shelves everywhere.

The main question we seem to be fielding about the latest and greatest from apple is not, “should I buy one?” but actually “what size do I buy?”

It will depend, as ever, on the media you may want to store on the device, how many songs, how many films and how many photos?

I have always found that a good rule of thumb around media storage is to allow 4MB for a 3 minute sound file and 1.5GB for a 90 minute film and 500k for a photo. Therefore even with my rudimentary maths that is 4,000 songs or 10 full length movies or 32,000 photos on a 16GB iPad.

Now previously we haven’t told people to worry too much about applications as the file sizes have been relatively small compared to their PC counterparts. However, things seem to have changed due to the new retina display on new iPad. For example one app called iMovie has grown from 70MB to over 400MB so if you are an “app happy” customer you may want to consider the next rung up on the iPad ladder.

If you are considering getting yourself a new iPad we are offering a range of excellent offers for 3G connected devices and part exchange on your old device all to help keep the up front cost down for you. Check out our Facebook page for details!/pages/Callmaster-Mobile/189334851100823

Callmaster Mobile’s Top 3 Last minute Mothers Day gift suggestions

Did you know that Mothering Sunday is this weekend? Of course you didn’t, because you forgot again, didn’t you? You could run to the local florist and pick up a last minute bunch of flowers for mum, but really, that’s a bit more hassle than it’s worth, isn’t it? Everyone else has also forgotten, so you’re going to have to be fighting the crowds and dealing with bad-tempered florists who are stressed out because people like you who have left it so late in the day to order!

Besides, flowers only end up dead, don’t they? It’s the pointless gift that mum has to throw away within a week. So, you should buy her something that will last a little bit longer than that.

Let’s face it though, every time you try and buy your mum a present, she fakes that she loves it because she’s your mum, and that’s her job – but really, she’ll never use it. So, if you’re going to get her the wrong gift that she won’t like anyway, why not get her something that YOU can at least have some fun with?

1. FREE new iPad 16GB Wifi & 3G – All it costs you is £33.40 + VAT per month (just over £40) and we give you the data SIM and allowance (1.5GB) included – think about it your Mum spent more than £40 a month on you for a lot longer than 24 months 🙂

2. FREE iPhone 4S 16GB with 300 minutes, 250 texts & 1GB data access all for just £30 + VAT per month – Give Mum the ultimate present to keep in touch when you need that lift or a last minute babysitter 🙂

3. FREE Nokia Lumia 710 with 300 minutes, 250 texts & 1GB data access & Xbox 360 4GB for just £30 + VAT per month – Mum’s love playing with their kids, especially Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 3 online and you can spend Sunday afternoon creating her Xbox Live avatar 🙂

For details of how to get any of these offers please go to and get in touch with us. Unfortunately we cannot guarantee delivery of these gifts before Sunday but what the hell, paper IOU’s have worked for years havent they!!

Special mention to Sheree at SundownerVA for the inspiration for this blog, follow her on Twitter @sundownerva for great tips and ideas for social media for your business.

47.9p per litre ago the country ground to a halt, what do we do now?

I filled the car up with diesel this morning, £75 of my hard earned money for just over 50 litres, 147.9p per litre to be metric. My heart dropped a little and I am sure a tear rolled down my cheek.

Now despite my appearance I am not really that old, 33 in April in fact, and as my eldest says, “Dad, you are REALLY young compared to Mummy”  and within my working life this wonderful country of ours ground to a halt at the PROSPECT of petrol reaching the fabled £1 per litre level.

Have successive governments created a monster pushing many people to the edge? I am in a fortunate position to claim a mileage rate from my company for the business miles I do in my car, so I pay for fuel on a credit card and pay off the balance in full at the start of the next month when my expenses are paid. What if I didn’t get to claim this mileage rate, would I need to put myself further into debt just to run the car? to get to work, to see clients, to take the family where they want to go?

My fear is there are many individuals and families doing this, right now as I type.

I know the protests in 2000 only temporarily halted the increase in the price of fuel but a freeze on prices now might just give those who need it, a bit of the breathing space they require in their monthly budget.

We live in democracy, right? So if enough of us speak up they have to listen, right? I wouldn’t even know where to start but I just have this feeling we need to do something.