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@thecloudcar launches at Guildford Pancake Race 2012

The stage was set, the athletes gathered, extensive warm up rituals were underway everywhere we looked, children lined the race track ready to cheer on their new heroes, we knew this was big.

On the pavement, Cloud Car sits quietly offering out it’s free, fast Wifi to all who pass and wish to quickly access the internet on an array of devices.

Cloud Car is soaking up the atmosphere and scouting the first race, monitoring reaction times to the starter gun, top speeds achieved both up and down hill, general stamina, wind  resistance and other key variables.

“Will the team crown my launch with a win” it thinks to itself.

The team from 96.4 Eagle Radio power to a win in the first race and Cloud Car acknowledges that the competition will be tough in our race if that is the standard.

The time is upon us and team selection is being discussed, “Ady to lead us off, Thommo to power his considerable weight downhill, Dan the Man to hold the lead uphill and Rabbit to lead us to glory” We were confident, the architects next to us don’t look up for it, the firemen must be carrying to much kit and as for the bunch from Simple Faith, well they only have 3 in their team – easy pickings. Or so we thought.

Ady was solid and tossed superbly, Thommo’s comnsiderable weight rolled him down the hill faster than most, Dan the Man was electric leaving Rabbit to cruise home, final 20….final 10…. hang on, here comes Barry from Simple Faith Creative closing down like Usain Bolt before disaster strikes for him, he drops his pancake, victory is all ours…….and then Rabbit drops his pancake !!! The final positions are blurred but we are sure we must be in the top 3.

And then they drop the bombshell, “DISQUALIFIED FOR DROPPING YOUR PANCAKES”

The Cloud Car team and Simple Faith Creative stand in disbelief, distraught at the outcome.

Never mind, there is always next year, we will train harder and we will be back.

The good news is everyone got to see Cloud Car, it is available to book now if you need fast broadband access for your event or festival. It can also help you out if something happens to the broadband supply in your office. Follow us on Twitter @thecloudcar and see where it is going and who it is helping. Check out our Facebook page for more photos from the day.




Nokia Lumia 710 – a good business device?

It has been a busy few weeks so I have only just had the chance to get my hands on the new Nokia Lumia 710, I am currently running the Lumia 800 as my phone at the moment, I love it, the seamless integration with our IT through Microsoft Office 365 is brilliant and I can’t face the idea of being without it now.

So the question in my head was, “would the 800’s little sibling be as good?”

First impressions are good, the materials used to build the handset are of a decent quality, there is no budget plastic feel here, it looks good and the curves fit in my hand nicely (probably better than the 800 if I am honest). It’s all going to be about the touchscreen experience and the speed of the processor when opening applications now, and I am pleased to say it is a dead heat, it is as quick as it’s big brother.

It doesn’t have the fiddly “push and slide” access to the charging port and SIM card that the 800 does which I think will help with device life and it can boast a removable back cover and battery so you can have spares for it for those heavy users amongst you.

In summary, I am impressed by the device and it’s price point that makes it an affordable option for corporate customers looking to deploy smartphone devices to their entire team fully funded by the network.

Give me some time with the device and I will provide you with a more detailed review, but from the time spent with it, YES it is a good business device.

I did get my hands on a BlackBerry 9790 this week, I like it, the full QWERTY keypad which I love, and still miss to this day, fast responsive touchscreen if you want to or you can use the trackpad, it’s lightweight, it’s thin but it appears to pack a punch. I am going to speak to our business partners Cloud Business ( about getting one of them active on our Microsoft Office 365 account to see how it handles my working day with Sharepoint, Exchange and Excel, watch this space.


My hopes for the Kinect for Windows PC

For Christmas in 2010 I caved in to my eldest’s demands for an Xbox with Kinect, after all I had seen the rumours online that one of the games being worked on was  a fully fledged, lightsabre wielding, force crushing version of Star Wars, with that in mind I made my son make all sorts of promises about keeping his room tidy, and that we would see what Santa brings.

14 months later, I love it, I play it more than he does, even though Star Wars still hasn’t been launched.

Now the news breaks that a version of Kinect is coming for Windows PC’s, and despite a lack of hard information in the press releases (check out the BBC website here about what it will actually do and also it will cost twice as much as it’s Xbox older brother, I want one.

I like the idea of getting rid of my mouse and just sitting back and waving my hand at the screen, maybe I can even sit there and say “Computer, Twitter please” and it will automatically switch the explorer page to Twitter, “Computer, Twitter update” and then I can tweet. It all sounds very exciting.

For the Sci-Fi fans amongst you, do you remember the scene in Star Trek IV The Voyage Home, the crew of the Enterprise have travelled back in time to 1986 to collect some Humpback Whales to help save them from an alien probe in 2286,  and Scotty is at a plastics firm showing them how to develop a technology that will help them dominate their market, he picks up the mouse and talks to the computer as if the mouse is a microphone?

Well it looks like those scriptwriters weren’t that far off reality 😉